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The Mono County Library System’s dedicated Makerspace is located on the 2nd floor of the Mammoth Lakes Library. It strives to provide an inclusive, hands-on learning environment for community members from school age through adulthood.  It’s a safe place for engaging in a variety of creative projects. While periodic maker activities happen in library branches countywide, by providing a free, drop-in space at the Mammoth Lakes Library, the Makerspace provides youth, families, and adults with opportunities for collaboration, innovation, independence and self-empowerment in a purpose-designed, supportive space.

For adults, the Makerspace provides in-library use of equipment such as sewing machines, hot glue guns, art supplies, and more. For patrons new to projects such as sewing - don’t worry! Staff and volunteers can provide hands-on instructions and support. The Makerspace also occasionally hosts workshops taught by staff, volunteers, or local artists on a variety of crafts such as crochet, printmaking, and upcycling. Adults are welcome to use the Makerspace during regular open hours as well as on Thursdays during our adults only open hours.

For youth, the Makerspace helps cultivate social and emotional skills that translate beyond the physical space to improve themselves, their peers, and the Mammoth Lakes community. 

Innovation: Makerspace encourages and develops creative thinking and personal expression to begin unique projects, and tinkering and problem-solving to improve on them when needed.

Independence: Makerspace participants learn to work through their original projects autonomously and seek help when needed, using correct terminology to describe where and how they need assistance.

Collaboration: The Makerspace encourages different age levels to work together and mentor each other on a variety of skill sets. Makerspace participants practice teamwork, nonviolent communication, and problem solving.

Self-Empowerment: Makerspace empowers participants, who work thoroughly on their projects with diligence and perseverance, and who feel accomplished when finished.

A participation waiver and the completion of  Makerspace Orientation is required for ALL participants, including chaperones. Patrons under 18 require a waiver signed by their legal guardian. Students in 3rd grade and below require an actively participating chaperone at all times while inside the Makerspace. 

Due to the nature of tools and activities in the Makerspace, children must be Kindergarten age (5 or older) to participate even with the required chaperone. Children under 5 years old are NOT allowed in the Makerspace. Check out the new  Mini Maker Cart at the circulation desk for art-making options that are age appropriate for children under 5 for use in the Children’s Program Room.  

Due to physical constraints and to help maintain a safe and creative environment during open hours, the Makerspace operates at a limited capacity (typically 10-15 participants at a time). This includes adult chaperones. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the Makerspace Located?

The Mammoth Library Makerspace is located on the second story of the Mammoth Lakes Library (400 Sierra Park Road, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546).


When are you open?

Mammoth Library Makerspace hours:

All ages 5 & older (see chaperone requirements above): Tuesday and Wednesday 2 pm - 5 pm

Adults only: Thursdays 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Other branches provide Makerspace activities and kits throughout the year - check in with your local library branch for more information.


What kind of activities and projects do you have?

The Makerspace has a variety of materials and tools. Some popular activities include: sewing, embroidery, drawing, origami, recycled material construction, felting, and jewelry making. We also offer occasional “Messy Day” activities, including paper mache, painting, slime making, and clay. Tools available include sewing machines and equipment, hot glue guns, wire cutters, and much more! Some materials, such as fabric, thread, paper, cardboard, etc are provided but because most Makerspace materials are donated we ask that you conserve materials. You can always bring in your own materials to use in your projects!


Who can come to the Makerspace? Do I need to have a library card to participate?

Anyone above 5 years old is welcome to participate with a signed participation waiver. Children in 3rd grade and below may participate with an actively participating adult chaperone.  Due to the nature of tools and activities in the space, children younger than Kindergarten age are not allowed in the Makerspace, even with a chaperone.   

You do not need a library card to participate, or be a Mono County resident! Visitors are welcome.


Are there any Maker opportunities if I can't come in during the drop-in hours?

Yes! Come check out our Makerspace Book Collection and Check-Out Kits on the 2nd Floor of the Mammoth Lakes Library. Check-out Kits cover a variety of skills and supplies, such as learning to crochet or experimenting with watercolor techniques. Both Maker books and Check-Out Kits can be placed on hold and transferred to another branch.

Maker Kits To-Go (previously available during quarantine) are no longer available, however the PDF instructions for these kits are now available here!


What are Makerspace Orientations?

Makerspace Orientations are a new participant intake practice implemented October 1, 2023. Makerspace Orientation consists of two parts: 1) a sit-down conversation with the Mono County Maker Program Coordinator and Library Director where participants are informed of Makerspace rules and guidelines and 2) an in-depth tour of the Makerspace and all its tools and materials. The Orientation gives participants a chance to ask questions about rules and policies, make suggestions, express concerns, and be given an introductory explanation of the most common crafting equipment in the Makerspace. The intention of the Orientation is to provide participants with the knowledge of the “rules and tools” of the space to empower makers in their creative projects within the Makerspace. ALL participants MUST complete a Makerspace Orientation before entering the Makerspace. Makerspace Orientations are not required for special event workshops or maker program activities at other branches. 


Do you accept donations?

We do accept donations of lightly used and new art supplies. Current most wanted items: wooden popsicle sticks, glue sticks for glue guns, and good quality art supplies (jewelry materials, canvas, markers, etc.). Makerspace also accepts cash donations to help purchase supplies for patrons. Please visit the Makerspace in-person to inquire about the most-needed supplies. Unfortunately Makerspace cannot accept acrylic paint or styrofoam. 


Does the Makerspace need volunteers?

Please click here to find our volunteer application, fill it out and bring it into the Mammoth Lakes Makerspace during our open hours and we will contact you about opportunities.

The Makerspace also has paid substitute positions. Inquire during our open hours to learn more. 


What is the best way to get in contact with the Makerspace?

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the library at 760.934.4777.


Do other Mono County library branches offer Makerspace activities?

While the Mammoth Lakes Makerspace has an established physical Makerspace, other branches offer Maker activities. Please contact the specific branch to inquire (select the individual library tabs on the Mono County Library website, under “branches”).

Check out our Makerspace Circulating Book Collection!:

Located on the 2nd floor of the Mammoth Lakes Library, the Makerspace has a dedicated book collection reflecting a variety of activities for all ages available for checkout! 

Books in the Makerspace collection operate just the same as other library books. 

MakerSpace Documents:

MakerSpace waiver 2023

Formulario de renuncia 2023

MakerSpace Rules

MakerSpace Daily Reminders

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