Information on this week's Public Safety Power Shutoff can be found on the Emergency Preparedness page of the Mono County website.

Recommended Reading:

Have You Read These Movies Yet?

Travel the World in Stories!

[Booklists from previous months are found on the Library Recommendations page.]

Announcing our new podcast! Oxygen-Starved: Adventure, Books and Conversation from 11,000 ft.  Launched jointly with the County Office of Education, join us twice a month for some of what makes this part of the world an adventurous place to live & work, our take on books we're reading, and a conversation with local folks who bring this special part of the Eastern Sierra alive.   Find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio and directly at the link above!



Other Announcements:

The 2020 Census is hiring - find more information posted at your library or at the 2020 Census Jobs website

Free New York Times Digital Access

Britannica School Edition Links in English and Spanish (Use library Card Number to access information):

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