We have a wonderful new Librarian, Abbie Bridges . She's a great addition to our little library. Recently, Abbie was able to conjure up some shelving for the Historical Section of the Library and it is a great spot to store and display local history. June 27 we hosted Teddy Bear Nights with story time, movie and snacks for the young children and moms—we had a total of 13! It was great!!

Our July 4th Used Book Sale was very successful, making about $3500. It will be put to good use (one right away to pay for the Nortington Books, that as a rule, we rent and return--they have a new deal that we can purchase more books, rather than return them. On August 15 th we had Evening at the Library with Bridgeport resident, Mark Klitsie, who did a presentation on the straw bale house he is building at Twin Lakes.

On September 1 st we hosted two performances by historical actress, Terri Geissinger. She portrayed Eleanor Dumont, aka Madame Moustache of Bodie. 85 people attended!! Our committee has some plans for early Spring next year. We want to create a Zen Garden , with pretty rocks and plants, as well as a new Red Oak tree. We will spruce up the existing tree's bed area with pretty spring flowers. We had hoped to start it this year, but as you know, our growing season here in Bridgeport is about 2 months long and it's already starting to freeze at night!

For more information, to join us, or to make a donation, please contact the Bridgeport Branch library,(760) 932-7482, or download and fill out our application form. (PDF which requires Adobe Reader)


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